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Abnormality is normal - the Afterthoughts 19.06.2006
Losing oneself in the gadget world 12.06.2006
A city with no character 06.06.2006
Dinosaur of the Ocean 03.06.2006
The last rush 28.05.2006
Trekking for the mind 25.05.2006
Washington, Clinton and mama Victoria 22.05.2006
Bussing through town to town 22.05.2006
Colonialism and the Devil's Mine 18.05.2006
Price to pay for 12.05.2006
One day in Chile 12.05.2006
A Visit to Outerspace 11.05.2006
Sacrifice my ass at the pampas 03.05.2006
The two extremes: Isle de Sol and La Paz 26.04.2006
Sunset over Lake Titicaca 24.04.2006
Star-gazing from the bus 21.04.2006
Life in Cusco 20.04.2006
Never easy to say farewell 17.04.2006
Horse Riding & Semana Santa 15.04.2006
12-angle stone, baby llama, coca tea and Hail in Cusco 09.04.2006
A thousand stopovers! 07.04.2006