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After two weeks visiting rural Bolivia, it takes a little getting use to organized tourism and luxury buses in Argentina. Once my radar detect regular tourists, entire family and kids, from miles away, my feets would instinctly accelerate. Not only does my whole visit to the Iguazu Falls National Park on both the Brazilian and Argentina sides a realization that the price for modern convenience is extremely high, but also my willingness to pay for this price is quite reluctant. Maybe ultimately the answer is just a question of one's personality.


My curiosity had again led me to venture out Puerto Iguazu, a small town on the Argentian side of the waterfall, and took a local bus to Brazil. Changing bus was challenging with my limited spanish, not to mention speaking portuguese. But riding the local Brazilian bus with a conductor sitting next to a roundabout collecting fare like in the 60s is a cool experience by itself. The waterfall on this side is a paranomic view. I managed to walk behind most of the 'tourists' and wait for sunset to descend on the falls.

I spent the next afternoon visiting the Argentina side of the waterfalls which is much more touristy than I expected. A busload of school children's friday outing became my worst nightmare. These young stalkers had almost destroyed my entire experience of nature if not the constant noise of helicopters hovering around the national park despite of the scenic views from the upper and lower trails.

Despite the negative experience during the day, tonight I joined the full moon tour with my backpacker friends and witnessed the most humbling sight in my life. Standing at the Devil's Throat and listening to the deafening sound of this waterfall made me completely forget how cold the night was and also, how insignificant one's life is compare to the power of nature.

To complete the Iguazu experience, I, on the following day, soaked myself completely from head to toe by going under one of the falls on the 10-minute motor boat ride appropriately named, 'Nautical Adventure' and then dried myself under the lovely sun on San Martin Island next to a gecko family, the island guardians.

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